We asked. You answered. RCD Packaging Innovation invited leaders in the packaging industry to come together for an innovation workshop designed to solve our industry's biggest problem: massive waste and ocean debris.



THE RFF INNOVATION WORKSHOP is an unprecedented approach to bring an industry together and support a collaborative effort towards positive change. Together, with 80 experts from across the packaging value chain we are on a mission to move our industry towards a zero-waste future.


FEBRUARY 20 - JUNE 11, 2020

We are pleased to announce that we successfully collaborated remotely on a web-based, interactive innovation platform.  We did not let Covid-19 stop us from driving towards positive change for our industry. Together we generated over 1200 new ideas and solutions.

JUNE 12, 2020 - December 11th, 2020

We now have nine rockstar Incubation Teams driving forward the top ideas. From new material science inspired by Biomimicry to designing for soil health these teams are pushing forward breakthrough ideas in a way that has never been done before. Stay tuned @rcdpackaging to learn about their work and the results.



Brilliant Minds from the Value Chain 



Define, Discover, Develop, & Demonstrate 


Industry Partners Making it Possible


Years of Shared Industry Experience & Passion  


Shared Platform for Ideation,

Co-Creation, Collaboration, & Development


Zero-Waste Ideas  in Development

Unified Goal: Break Down Industry Silos and Create Zero-Waste Packaging 


Huge Step for Humanity and Our Planet

Right now, the packaging industry is optimized for petroleum plastics with little progress
towards sustainable solutions. There are several unseen industry dynamics stifling innovation such as wide-spread misinformation, siloed operations, and business-as-usual risk mitigation.  To move through these blocks we are bringing together brilliant minds to drive innovation in the right direction.

Together, with thought-leaders from across the packaging value chain (brands, distributors, retailers, NGOs, material managers) we are sharing unique perspectives and generating new ideas through this interactive design-thinking workshop series. This has been a unique opportunity to work side-by-side with industry experts and shape the future of packaging on our planet.

RCD Packaging Innovation and the workshop participants (Industry Transformers) are working to break through barriers to innovation, become a catalyst for change, and make sustainable packaging the norm.
Within our industry, we have many creative minds with innovative intelligence to make an exponential change in the next 5 years.
Each of us is a change agent. We are each responsible for the future of this planet. In this unprecedented collaborative event, we have the opportunity to be a seed crystal of change for the rest of our industry, and the world.
It is a simple, yet powerful idea. Ongoing collaboration creates a potent idea pipeline, bringing great solutions to the market faster. The more knowledge applied to each project, the better the result. With that in mind, RCD Packaging Innovation used three unique building blocks were used to produce this event and provide our Industry Transformers with a dynamic and optimal environment. 
A carefully crafted event combined with an adaptation of the design thinking process allows for remote collaboration, optimal participation and richer results. 
We rallied together a wide variety of perspectives from across the flexible film value chain to work together towards a greater goal. We'll build a team and walk together. 
We will provide leading-edge educational information throughout the workshop about flexible films, manufacturing and material management. A shared, trusted foundation of knowledge will provide a strong baseline and trajectory

Heading 4



We need to evolve, and we need to evolve fast. We are bringing together brilliant minds to establish a foundation of knowledge to build from, and generate new ideas. During the event, we will optimize on the fly, form a consolidated viewpoint towards our goal, and ask that we stay bonded in our unified goal to produce the best zero waste solutions we can. 

Our work within this innovation workshop will help our industry

start moving in the right direction. To get to a zero-waste future,

the answer lies in both material technology and infrastructure innovation. 

What are we going to do? 

Introduce two (or more) new actionable technology concepts that are film based. 

Create one (or more) new idea that is systems-based.


Each of us holds an important perspective and scope of knowledge that when brought together creates a unique space for breakthrough ideation. We are asking each participant to bring in their expertise and zone of genius to help fix our industry’s waste problem.


And this is just the beginning. 

We will uncover the industry's underlying mechanics, and where the levers are, so we move in the right direction and continue to move the dial with our waste problem. RCD will provide ongoing dialogue and documentation to the participants and document the findings for industry-wide distribution. 




We are proud to have OSC as a Community Building Partner for this important work. OSC and RCD share one passion: To leave earth and humanity in better condition than when they found it. OSC has been a long time force in inspiring natural product leaders to work in innovative and collaborative ways toward positive change. Together RCD and OSC join together to remove petroleum-based plastic from landfills, oceans, and the planet. OSC has already done tremendous work supporting the development of compostable and renewable flexible film structures for food products. Thank you to OSC for continuing the mission. 




The Redesigning Flexible Film Innovation Workshop is the brainchild of Reyna Bryan, the Founder of RCD Packaging. Reyna has dedicated her life's work to building systems for a healthy planet. Throughout this workshop is the thread of Reyna's goal to transform supply chains and to create an army of packaging superheroes that can continue the efforts to reach a zero-waste planet. And so it begins... 

The crisis of single-use plastic waste is well understood. Every day more data comes out showing the unfathomable amount of plastic disposed of, and the devastation caused by much of this material ending up in our oceans and ecosystems. 

This crisis all boils down to insufficient design. The majority of the materials used today were not designed with the end in mind. Our industry knows that it is time to level up our materials and our material management infrastructure. 

The RFF workshop is an opportunity for our small section of the CPG industry to serve as an example and inspire a domino effect of positive change. On behalf of Reyna, RCD, OSC, and all our sponsors and partners, thank you to all our Industry Transformers. 


Our success depends on the participation of industry leaders and our peers. We had an overwhelming response when developing the event. The amount of passion and dedication in those involved is not unnoticed. It is our hope that we can unite in our efforts and continue to build upon this committee of delegates.


Having such talent and passion on the RFF Advisory Board has been key to our success in launching this flagship event. Thank you for these industry leaders for their collaboration and ongoing support. 

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