RCD Packaging is a packaging supply and innovation firm that specializes in packaging solutions for food products. The company was founded in 2008 by Reyna Bryan. Over the last 10 years, Reyna has built strong networks of suppliers, designers, and fellow engineers within the packaging industry. She leads a team of specialists to bring novel recyclable and compostable solutions to the market.


We believe that sustainable packaging starts with 'intelligent design'

Product designers and manufactures have a great responsibility to protect the planet.

Intelligent Design: A design process that minimizes waste and environmental impact. Based on cradle-to-cradle philosophy, this is done through careful material selection, product life cycle assessment and designing for zero-waste: recyclability or compostability.

Reyna Bryan, Founder

RCD Packaging

In looking for solutions to the global waste problem, I (like many others) have turned to nature for wisdom and inspiration. Nature creates beautiful, functional, high-performance, high-efficiency materials, many of which become nutrients once they've served their original purpose.


I am inspired every day to design packaging to be like an orange peel to an orange. Bio-based materials play a critical role in making this vision a reality. I am dedicated to making this world a better place. I am dedicated to my clients and taking them and their packaging needs to another level. 


Through leadership, relationships and highly technical experience, I'm confident I can help companies transition to a zero-waste packaging while still maintaining business success. -- Reyna 

“Reyna has personally helped me and our organization reach our growth goals and launch several new, award-winning products into the marketplace. She has a unique combination of highly-developed technical skills and high-level execution."

—  Chris Mitchell, VP, Americas Futamura

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